Good run in the WET


Heavy rain and a temperature of 13 degrees did not deter Tamami and I from hitting the roads this evening.

We ran up the infamous Warrigal Road Hill fairly well. Not even using Sherpas. Over the next 5 Km we put in six 100 m bursts. Not that easy. Impressed Tamami was not that far behind me. Well it is only the second day.

We really pushed ourselves over the bridge spanning the freeway. Again Tamami was too close for comfort…although she did look a little sick…I had to laugh.

Push ups 100 and crunches 300.

A good enough run…especially considering the conditions. But certainly a long way to go.

I will run a half marathon at the Gold Coast in 10 weeks time and after that fly to Ireland and run another Half marathon.

Bring it on.Image

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