Half Marathon Training Schedule


Nine and a half weeks until the Gold Coast half. Then two weeks after that another Half in Ireland. Now to put together a training schedule of some sort.

Difficulty of course is that I lack both stamina and speed which are kind of good things to have if you want to run a half way decent Half.

But I have pretty much put together a long base. I can run for 5 hours or more with out too much trouble…as long as I don’t run very fast ! With my speed or lack of it I am still running over 4 minutes per Km. But I am planning to do a few more track races with the masters mid week and hopefully I can get under 4 minutes. And even if I can’t it does not matter too much as my target time is very moderate…to say the least.

I am putting my schedule together. FIRST off I plan for a long run on Sunday and a medium long run mid week. Nothing revolutionary there of course. BUT I plan that the long run will not really that long and the same with the mid week run. My Sunday run will be no longer that 25 Km and my mid week will be only 16-20 Km. If this works…great…if not…well I will try something else.

More on my schedule in later posts…..

TODAY….today was a less long mid week run. Conditions were pretty good…13 degrees and no rain. Alone I ran my usual 8 Km run and then did a U turn and ran back for a total of 16 Km.  A few hills…a few turns…mainly paths…Pace was 5.30 which I know is painfully slow but I don’t think pushing myself to go under 5 would have really helped me at this stage…plenty of time for that.

60 push ups….100 stomach crunches…2 min plank….Image


2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Schedule

  1. Here is one of the workouts Stan gave me that I found very effective:

    10mins easy

    5 x (2km @ MP-15s, 2mins easy jog)
    If MP-15s feels too easy, go at perceived half marathon pace

    10 mins easy

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