Reality check !


Well that certainly showed me where I am at. Hard. At least hard for me in my current state.

I modified a workout suggested to me by a Namban friend and team mate.

First up I jogged for about 1500m not timing it. Then I ran a fairly solid ONE Km along a grass track…a bit of uneven ground but really not too hard. Time 4.36

Then after a stagger feeling sick another 1500 or so jog…maybe less…again no time. Then another ONE Km run along a path…up and down and around a few turns. Time 4.11.

Then a stagger/walk and jog home for about 1200  at a pretty slow pace.

It is one thing jogging around the block and another thing trying to run a little ‘faster’. It certainly brings it home to me how much I am struggling and have to do before I can race well….Image


3 thoughts on “Reality check !

  1. Yes you are correct. Second timed one Km finished not far from the start of the first one, so I could conceivably keep going and run faster 4 times….or even 6 ( as in Namban work out!).

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