For Saturday it’s a race or Hills.


My self made Half Marathon Training Plan calls for a race or some hill training on a Saturday. It is the cross country season here in Melbourne so most weeks there will be a race. I could have raced 6 Km but as it has been less than 3 weeks since the Canberra Marathon and I also don’t feel that well,I decided to opt our of the race.

I trained with Julz as Tamami has had her leg operated on and can only walk.

We ran about 3 Km and then did 10 steep, but not particularly long,hills. I ran hard but I was left behind by Julz. She is 30 years younger and really just killed me on the first 6 hills. I got last her in hill 7 and 8 but she hung tough and beat me on the last two. It certainly showed me just how poor I really am.

65 push ups…100 stomach crunches.




All replies welcome.

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