Training Schedule for Half marathon.


I plan to run the Gold Coast Half Marathon in early July and the Killarney Half in Ireland  in mid July.

I have no hope of getting anywhere near my PB of 81.22 but am not stressed over this. I just want to run a time in the mid 90s. Surely this should be possible. 

I have planned a training schedule. If it goes well…that’s great. If not…well I will try something else.

This is what I planning to do…in fact have done for one week. First race is 9 weeks away.

TRAINING schedule:

SUNDAY: Long Run. 20-25 Km  ( not too slow and trying to run the last 3-5 Km fairly fast)

MONDAY: Rest. Maybe 3-6 Km.

TUESDAY: Race with Masters on the track OR my 5 Km route as hard as I can after 4 Km warm up.

WEDNESDAY: Medium Long run. 16-20 Km. Fairly fast but less slower than race pace.

THURSDAY :Race on track with masters or hill repeats locally. 10x 30 seconds.3 Km warm up. ( only 30 seconds as this is convenient hill close to home)

FRIDAY : Rest ( 3-6 Km)


Maybe not perfect but I think it’s reasonably OK. Not set in stone…meaning I can modify.



All replies welcome.

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