Mid Week ‘long ‘ run


Image Plan for today was to be the same as last week. Run my usual 8 Km training run then do a U turn and run home. Total. 16 Km. I intended to run the first 8 Km fairly easily at about 5.30 min per Km and then try a bit harder over the remaining 8 Km.

First half went ok…my pace was 5.31 per Km and was 14 seconds up on last week. I was quite pleased with this as I was running into a strong wind. I then pushed for home making a big effort over the last three Km. Well at least get out of my usual slow plod. BUT…disaster….my Garmin stopped!!! NT. No Time recorded. Disappointment plus.

Am finding even running at these moderate paces fairly hard. I want to race far faster. But maybe I am kidding myself. 

Weight 64.2 ( 141 pounds)…. I think that’s about one pound heavier than I was at school. Something to work on.

This is week two of my self devised training schedule. I have to work a lot harder I think.



All replies welcome.

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