Long Run


Exactly 4 weeks to the day since I ran the Canberra marathon and one day after my first race back.  My plan is to run one ‘long ‘ run once a week of 20-25 Km and one medium long run (16-20).

Last Sunday I ran 20 Km. My Holmesglen garden Institute run ( so called because I run to Holmesglen garden institute… And back). Last Sunday conditions were tough…or maybe I was just weak! The first 10 Km were run in very heavy rain and the last few Kms were run in the dark.

Today was the same run but the conditions…about 16 degrees and no rain…were far better. The first 10 Km of this run always feel a bit hard…I run up hills…thru a Forrest…across wetland…along paths…even a bit of grass where the path had been flooded out from last weeks rain storm!

After about 12 Km I decided to really push it and forced myself to run a bit faster than my usual plod. 

Quite pleased to see my time was over 11 minutes faster than last week. Although admittedly it was more the conditions than me.

ImageWeight today 63.9 Km. Good weight…actually lighter than I was at school in 1969.

I felt a bit sick…well actually very sick…after finishing. Glad tomorrow is a rest day.


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