Importance of resting.


Actually I have never really been much of a fan of resting. I run every day and in fact am on a multi year streak of not missing a day. But be that as it may I am now beginning to see the worth of not hammering it every single day.

I raced 10 Km on Saturday and ran 20 Km yesterday. Sure that is not that much. But I found the race hard at the end and yesterday’s run was perhaps one of my fastest times over that course. I felt pretty bad physically yesterday although I was pleased to have pushed myself over the last five Kms. In fact my 20 th Km yesterday was over 25 seconds faster than my 10 th Km in the race.

So today I took a day off. I ran only 3 Km. Hopefully my body will appreciate this and I can run fairly strong tomorrow.

I am working towards a modest goal so simply racking up Kms in my training diary is not the go.

If this plan work…great….if not….well as always I will try something else.Image


All replies welcome.

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