Mid week fun.


ImageWednesday is medium long day. 16-20km. As I am generally lazy and was feeling a bit sick with a cold I decided to run 16 Km today.

Plan was to run my usual 8 Km route ( which I call “my 8km run”) and then keep going and do it again to get the 16 Km. 

I had in the back of my mind that the second 8 Km could be faster than the first 8 Km. But once I started I started to feel pretty average so that idea went out the window.

Not having great Will power it was hard to pass my house at the 8 Km mark and keep going. However I managed to plod on and start the second lap.

It was a nice sunny day with the temperature about 20 degrees. I actually put on sun tan lotion before I started.

At about 14 Km I decided to push a bit for home and go flat out over the last Km. I managed the 15 th Km in 5.16 ( it included a steep bridge…excuse!) and the last Km in 4.19 which for me these days sad to say,  is fast.

Over all I was 2 and a half minutes faster in the second half.

Weight 64.4 Kgm…a bit over 141 pounds. Not ideal but ok I suppose….a pound plus heavier than I was at school.


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