Although I am training for longer races I raced a 4 Km track race at the east Burwood masters tonight.

I made an effort to run faster than training pace and slightly faster than my aimed for HalfMarathon pace.

I did not check my watch as I ran and was pleased to find out I ran at 4.25 minute per Km pace without too much effort. I did try in the last lap to catch the leaders but just did not have it in me to fly home.

Finished 3 rd out of about 15 runners….

Tamami had her first run of any sort for two weeks after her leg operation. She did well running at 4.40 pace.

We will both get faster.Image


4 thoughts on “RACE

    • Thanks…happy enough as it was not 100% But then over a breakfast I read about this guy who ran a lot faster in a tempo run !!!
      Next week faster !!

    • Thanks.I usually always check my pace whilst running. It gives me a great lift to know I am going well…assuming I am. Last night was an exception. I tell myself if I have run the first half of the race at PB pace I must push hard not to waste the effort already expended.

All replies welcome.

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