Race Report


Raced a fun run called Coburg King and Queen of the North. 6km. Went ok for my current state of fitness.

Started a bit too fast and counted about 20 or so in front of me at 0ne Km.The leaders just disappeared very quickly. I could say they were maybe 40 years younger than me but that would be an excuse.

It was a hilly course and I noticed those around me moved away as we went down the hills. Not feeling that flash at 2km (!!) when we made a U turn….there were lots of turns. I managed to pass 3 or 4 runners and the leading women.

I was a bit weak around the middle of the race but moved up to 10th. We ran up some more hills and across some muddy field ( not my fav running surface).

Pushed the last Km and passed two more runners ( well actually one stopped…so I count that as passing). 

Had to finish with 300m on the track. As I ran the last 100m I noticed that there were no other runners at the finish and for a minute I though I may have won. However it turned out the leaders were so far in front that they had finished and gone in for a massage and a cup of tea!

Others in front of me were running the 12 Km.

Finished 4 th which is my highest finish in a fun run for….well in living memory.

At the presentations ( nothing for me of course) the top three seemed to be all from Mexico !!! And also about 20 years of age.Image


All replies welcome.

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