Paln for this week.


After a fairly hard 6km race yesterday I decided to have a day off today. Apart from 3 Km with Tamami San there was no running at all. I think this is wise. I think.

I have my plan for this week. I want to keep pushing myself over shorter distances and hopefully generate what I call speed. Still moving like a sick turtle but at least I am not being passed by trees anymore.

Highly scientific plan for this week is as follows.

MONDAY: Easy 3 Km.   TUESDAY: Hill repetitions.    WEDNESDAY: Medium Long Approx 16 Km.

THURSDAY: Easy 3km in the morning. Track race with Masters in Evening (4 Kms)

FRIDAY: Rest day…easy 6 Km.     SATURDAY: AM: Easy 3km PM Club race with Club. ( 3.7km)

SUNDAY: ‘ Long’ Run…20-24 Km.

So….not a massive amount…I am taking it fairly easily inserting lots of rests into this self made schedule.Image



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