Running Hills a little differently today.


When I started trying to incorporate a few inclines into my running I would run up the hill,stop,gasp,walk down and then try to do it again and hope not to throw up.

Today I have progressed a little…well I think I have progressed. Anyway I did what I call hill running a little differently to what I have been doing.Image

Today I ran my usual 3km warm up and then walked to the bottom of the hill. I ran up…probably not that fast….still my legs felt a bit wonky near the top. Then I ran down…well slow jogged down…then U turn with no pause and ran up again. I timed the session from the time I started until I reached the top of the 8 th hill. 13.09. Is this good? I have no idea.

This was a reasonably good session. Although I felt sick it was over fairly quickly. Will it help me? Time will tell.




All replies welcome.

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