Medium Long run…sort of.


I have about 6 regular courses to run from my place. Today I did not feel like running any of them.Image

Wednesday is ‘medium long run’ day. But I lacked the Will power to get out the door and run around the streets by myself for two hours.

Decided to run my ‘ Deakin Uni Park’ course and try and pick up the pace near the end. This is only 14 Km but involves some hills and some gravel and dirt running…never my favourite.

I am still very slow and certainly find it hard to push myself in the first half of most training runs that I do by myself. Accordingly I ran the first 8 Km at around 5.20 pace. Very slow for a race but for training…acceptable…well maybe….just.

The last Kms were….5.12….5.10….5.10….4.59….4.53….4.26

I seemed to be moving quite well in the last couple of Kms and could have gone faster….but still it felt quite quick. 

In 1987 I ran  the first 30 Kms in a marathon at an average of 4.00 . It is hard to understand why I have become so slow !!!!

Weight 64.6 Kgm. Not great but not too bad. About a Kgm heavier than in 1969. But I can get this off in time. Just have to cut down on the big lunches…see photo.




All replies welcome.

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