Evening run between races.


These days I usually do not go for a run the night before a race. Especially after a track race in the rain on the previous evening. However tomorrow whilst an important enough club race ( relay…3.7km per leg) is not big on my plans for a faster me. 🙂

Tonight I ran 6 Km in 33.05. Slow I know but I ran with Mi chan who is just over coming her second leg operation which she had on Tuesday….it now being Friday. You would think three days would be enough after surgery for someone to recover wouldn’t you!

My weight today had ballooned up to 65.9 Kgm ( about 145pounds). I went out for lunch yesterday and also had lunch out again today. So I suppose if I have my nose in the trough all the time I can expect nothing better than stacking on the lard. Race yesterday whilst fairly fast for me was only 4 Km so not much opportunity to strip off the pork there.Image I will work harder next week.


All replies welcome.

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