Race Today


Today I ran for my Melbourne club Old Scotch. The race is called The Dyson Relay named after a runner from our association who disappeared in 1942 whilst fighting in the Second World War.

I checked my 1984 diary and saw I ran this race in 14.36 in that year. This year …30 years later…I ran in 17.26. So in thirty years I have slowed almost 3 minutes…..I suppose if you say One minute per ten years it does not sound too bad.

But, but I will get faster. 

I started ok and ran the first Km in 4.08. After that I did ok but not really that great.. Gives me the idea however that I should be able to go sub 4 on the track.

I think I was trying reasonably hard and would have liked to be a bit faster. However I think I am on the way to running faster.Image

2 thoughts on “Race Today

    • No,it was 3.82 Km which is one lap of Botanical Gardens which is Melbourne’s Mecca for running similar to the Palace. It has one hell of a big hill which makes life interesting.

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