Hard 20kms


It is pretty sad when a 20 Km run knocks you about. Found today’s ‘long’ run really tested me.

My cunning plan today was to drive 10 Km away from home…..run 10km fairly hard…..meet up with Tamami  …do a U turn….run 10km back to the car. Total 20km.

Its a fairly hilly course and the Local Council were doing some thing ( no idea what) to the path so I was forced to take a long….well fairly long….detour which added three extra hills….actually 3 hills up and another down.

ImageI met Tamami at the appointed spot…she wondered what had happened to me….and we ran back to the car. However I started to feel pretty rough about 17 Km. I pretty much plugged on at around the same pace and finished ok but didn’t gain a lot of joy from the last few Kms.

Does not bode well for running a marathon if I feel rough before 20. However I have a few half marathon on the list before I run the Melbourne Marathon.

I will train harder and do better.



All replies welcome.

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