Resting in the Gym


After a short hard race on Saturday and a 20 Km run over hills yesterday it was time to rest.

The run yesterday knocked me about a bit. This morning was time to put my feet up.Feeling a bit weary I went to the gym. I have not been for yonks. I had almost forgotten how boring it was. My aim was to work out for one hour….not stopping but going from upper body exercise with dumbells and machine to working on my too large stomach. managed 61 minutes. Enough.

In the afternoon I ran my usual 6 Km route. 32.51.  Just a jog. Felt pretty route at the start but eventually got into it. Ran with Mi chan which made it a bit easier.ImageEven a short jog like this is good to aid my recovery from last week which had me doing three races,a solid hill session,a medium long run and a long run ( even if what I call long is only 20km these days).


All replies welcome.

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