Weekly Blog from now on.


Rather than write my training daily on my blog I will now do so weekly. I am only averaging 12 views a day this month even though I have 282 followers. Also I believe the BEST running blogs are published weekly.

HOWEVER here is what I did today. After today’s entry I will write again at the end of the week.

HILLS: Again I ran about 2 Kms or so by way of warm up to the bottom on a fairly steep although not long hill. Rather than time each run I time the over all time taken. I sort of jog (stagger) down the hill after running up. I think I run hard…takes about 30 seconds which is not ideal but…..

Ran 8 hills like I did last week. Took me 11.11 compared to 13.08 last week. So that is something I suppose. I try to lift my knees and pump my arms.

I became dizzy after finishing and was right of the edge of fainting….luckily Tamami was at hand and helped me jog it out. Felt terrible….shows I was trying. 🙂

So that’s it for my daily blog on my running..stand by for an action recap of what I did during the week.Image


5 thoughts on “Weekly Blog from now on.

    • Haha…make that 286 now….words of wisdom always find a readership it seems.
      I enjoy writing my blog….kind of like an on line diary. But will write a weekly summary after Sunday’s long run. Give me something to think about.

All replies welcome.

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