WEEKLY blog: June 1st


My first weekly blog wherein I write of what I did ,running wise,in the previous week.

So for the first time…day by day training set out in one interest packed Blog Post….. 🙂

MONDAY: 6km with Mi chan around the streets. 32.53. Tamami is recovering from her second leg operation which took place last week,so we took it easy. Pretty much nothing more than a recovery run from Sunday’s long run.

TUESDAY: Easy warm up jog of around 2 Km or so. Ran 8 steep but short hills…jogged down…timed whole session. 11 minutes 11 seconds. Felt faint and a bit dizzy when finished.

WEDNESDAY: 10km in 52.12. In the rain. Felt hard enough. Mid-week weight 64.9 Kgm.

THURSDAY : My calf was a bit sore so I decided to just jog a 5 Km track race with Tamami at the masters’ track meet. Pace was 4.31 per Km which was pleasing as it was not that hard. This is my hoped for half marathon pace.  However it’s one thing to plod around a track for 5 Km at this pace and another to run  for 21.1km.

FRIDAY: I wanted an easy run and true it was not that fast (9 km in 47.26) but I felt it was solid. I ran the reverse of my usual direction. Did not really like this method.ImageSATURDAY: Out all morning at a Food expo where I ate to much. Solid enough 6 Km in the evening. Same course at Monday but did it in 30.26. A few surges at the end. Ran with Mi chan.Could have gone faster.

SUNDAY: Got out of bed far too late and started running too close to breakfast. Felt a bit ill for the first 9 Km but then started to improve. Rained the whole time. Not a great fan of dodging puddles. Ran 20 Km in 1-48.34. Ran with Mi chan which was her first ‘long’ run since her operations. I could have gone faster but running your wife into the ground is not always a good move. 😉 An ok run…especially since it rained whole time….did I mention that…End of Week weight 64.2kgm

SUMMARY: Not a great week but not too bad. 


All replies welcome.

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