Weekly Training (June 8 th)


4 weeks till Gold Coast/ 6 weeks to Killarney ( Ireland). Starting to feel nervous and realise that I am probably not training hard enough.

My week has been as follows:

MONDAY: AM- Gym for an hour. Worked on chest and abs.

PM- 6 Km with Tamami in the rain. New course. 33.30. Fairly easy.

ImageTUESDAY : Easy 2km warm up and then 8 hills fairly hard. Last week it took me 11.11…this week 11.12. I did not feel dizzy like last week but certainly felt it in my legs.

WEDNESDAY: 17km alone. No stops,no water,no gels. Pushed from the start. It felt hard most of the way. Pace was 5.18 which is slow I know it is ok for me running alone over a few hills( and even some grass). I was pleased with this run.

Mid week weight 64.5 Kgm.  ( last Wednesday 64.9)

THURSDAY: Track race with Masters. Back to earth. Felt tired in the legs from the start but still dropped in behind friend Peter who was leading. Then a younger guy passed us both. I chased him but was struggling and by 1 Km he was 60m clear. I thought I was going ok but time was 4.20. Not good. By 2km the young guy was way out of sight and I was on my own. By the time they rang the bell for the finish of the short race ( there was a long and short race) I felt miserable. The young guy was running the long race and I could not have caught him even if I was on a bike.

FRIDAY: REST DAY: went to the gym and did the longest session I have done for years. Lifted my dumbells weight to 12.5 Kgm. Worked on chest.

Ran 6 Km with Tamami late in the afternoon….no time….strong finish….Chest hurt.

SATURDAY: Long run with Tamami 20 Km. 5.27 pace. Found this pretty easy. Right quad sore. Weight 64.9 Kgm.

Felt very sick at night. Eating too much. Stupid.

SUNDAY: Still sick. Could not run. Ran 10 Km at 5.32 pace. Last 3 Km very hard.

So in summary week had it’s ups and downs. I have a long way to go and little time. I need to train more often and harder and also get my weight down.





All replies welcome.

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