Easy Week : Weekly Blog post


Feeling a bit tired so decided to take it easy this week. Not sure if this will help or hinder. We will just have to wait and see. Here is a summary of my training for this week. Three weeks before Gold Coast Half marathon.

Monday: Fairly easy 10 Km with Julia…Enjoyable run.

Tuesday: Gym. 75 minutes. Worked upper body hard. Arms shaking. Stomach exercises between sets.Felt a bit ill.

Ran an easy 2 Km warm up and then 10 hill sprints. Probably could have gone faster although felt a little sick at the end.

WEDNESDAY: Gym 50 minutes…again upper body.Tried hard with heavier weights.

Elliptical machine…20 minutes. Quads sore afterwards. Is this helping?

Ran a steady 8 Km with Tamami San. Worked hard on the hills. Good enough but felt tired afterwards.Image

THURSDAY: Track race with east Burwood Masters. Felt bad from the start. Chose to wear my training shoes….probably not a wise idea. Average pace was 4.27. Friend Peter beat me easily. Pretty miserable run. Running sub 4 pace a world away.

FRIDAY: Usual 6 Km with Tamami. Legs felt terrible from the start. Very heavy. Did finish ok. Time was 31.07 which is OK for this course which involves running at least a Km over wet grass. Felt reasonably good in last Km although still pain in my side.

Weight 65.9 Kgm. heaviest I have been for a while. Not good.

SATURDAY: Instead of a long run I decided to run for an hour or so at a faster pace. Ran for 65 minutes with Tamami. Actually I just could not face a two hour run. Run was quite good and I felt a lot better than yesterday.

SUNDAY: Around the streets with Julz for 43 minutes. Another enjoyable run.

So hopefully a slightly lighter week will give me the energy to push on. Next week I have a 5 Km track race. I am so slow I am not really looking forward to it too much.


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