HALF MARATHON coming up.


Only a couple of weeks until the Gold Coast Half. My week’s running went reasonably well without being particularly outstanding. Here is what I did…

MONDAY: 10 Km steady pace with Mi chan. Wet track but no rain. Did not time it.

TUESDAY: Usual 2 Km plus warm up. 10 hills with jog down. No stopping. Felt hard.

WEDNESDAY : AM: Gym. Pushed it. 70 minutes. 400 stomach crunches on exercise ball.

                          PM: Hard from the start on a reasonably new route 8 Km. 38.10. Really hammered the hills. Previous best time for this course was 42 plus. So it was a good run. Felt sick so that was a plus.

MID WEEK WEIGHT  65.4 Kgm. Not great but ok.

THURSDAY: Track RACE with Masters. Right calf was sore so decided not to risk running hard. Ran with Mi Chan. Pace was 4.29 which was ok,especially as I could have gone a Imagebit faster. Dragged Mi chan who ran well.

FRIDAY …Morning….back in the gym. Another hour or so pushing weights. Chest and arms sore. Suspended Gym membership.

Down the coast at my Beach House. Ran in almost darkness up up a few hills. 18.26. OK for pretty much of a rest day. Found the hills pretty hard. I am poor on hills to say the least.  Chest hurt. Hard to breath near top of hills.

SATURDAY : Ran a very hard 6 Km over some massive hills at ANGLESEA Beach House.Maybe close to heart attack. !! 🙂 I have done this run many times but not for last few years due to injury. Time in 2009 was 28.35. Today was 29.25. Happy with time. Really hurt. Do not like hills.

SUNDAY: Still at Anglesea. Ran an old course over some hills. Ran quite well despite feeling sick on the hills. Took 40.36. This was a pretty good run despite the hills which are not my cup of tea.

TWO weeks until the Half marathon in Queensland and FOUR week till IRISH race.


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