Final Race in easy week before Half Marathon.


30 years ago I would just keep doing more and more Kms before a Half Marathon. But nowadays I take it far easier.

This week I sat back and put more feet up….more or less.

MONDAY:Good solid run just under an hour in very VERY heavy rain. No rain jacket. Hills tested me.

TUESDAY: Easy 3km in cold conditions.

WEDNESDAY:Two laps on the Tan in the dark with Julia. About 8 Km. Good pace but slow on hills.

THURSDAY: Very slow 4 Km with Tamami who was recovering from 4 th leg operation which took place on Tuesday.

FRIDAY: Very slow 2 Km with Tamami who seemed to be in pain.

SATURDAY: RACE day…ran easy 2km in the morning…very very cold.

RACE: 8 Km. I ran for Old Scotch with 10 other clubs. Start involved running 350 in one direction and then a U turn and back to start and then a straight out and back. Concrete with a few ups and down but mostly flat. Cold and windy conditions.

Running faster than usual I did not feel that great. At 3 Km I had not passed many people but no one had passed me. I caught a friend from another club who had defeated me easily two months ago over 10 Km. I sat behind him for a while hiding from the wind. When we caught another runner I passed them both and left him.ImageAt 5 Km I had passed another dozen or so. I told myself less than 3 to go. Still no one had passed me. I did not feel very happy but I thought I should just try to keep  the pace consistent and pick runners off if I could.

I saw a runner from another club who is famous for not missing a race since 1991. I thought he was out of reach but I managed to pass 3 or 4 other runners and got within 10m with 200 to go. I broke into what I jokingly call my sprint (!!) and got past.

Turns out there were three runners ahead and I finished 4 th. No prize for me 😦   I improved 45 seconds from last year but really I was hoping for more. I am still very slow.

SUNDAY: 10km in light rain. Wore a cap…Distance does not seem much but it was hard enough.

On Thursday I go to Queensland and run a Half Marathon. Then it is off to Japan for some training. Then to Ireland for another Half Marathon.

Tamami raced 16 Km and did ok considering her leg condition. She will do better. Hopefully I can too.




2 thoughts on “Final Race in easy week before Half Marathon.

  1. Thanks. Still can not generate much speed but hopefully go OK on Sunday. If I can’t hit my target in Queensland surely the Irish air will give me a couple of extra minutes. 🙂

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