Half Marathon Race Report.



In 1984 I ran the Gold Coast Half Marathon. I ran it again on Sunday. My recent race was 17 minutes slower than 1984. I suppose you could say a drop of 17 minutes in 30 years is not too bad. But I am far from happy.

Sunday’s half Marathon was ok I suppose although I missed my target by well over a minute.I am going to Ireland soon and will try again.

In my age group I finished 17 th out of 132.
Over all I was 1383 th out 8527 finishers.
My time was 1-41.54

I ran the first 10 Km in 48.30 and was in 1591st place.
I improved 180 places in the next 10 Km for 1410 th place. Time was 48.04
In the last 1.1km I passed another 27 people running at 4.32 pace.

It is easy to say that a 6 AM start in the dark did not suit me. But really that is not an acceptable excuse.
I am thinking that I just did not do enough hard runs. Most of my training is done over 5 minute pace per Km. Sunday I ran the second Km in 4.37 and found it harder than I thought it would be for just the second Km.
Also need to have a more determined attitude. After only two Kms I was thinking that a fast run was beyond me.
I ran the last Km in 4.37 which was equal to my best for the day. That did not feel particular hard at that stage but at the beginning of the race it seemed fast.

On July 19 th I run in Killarney Ireland. Hopefully I can do better.


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