Short break in Japan


After racing in Queensland Australia on Sunday I went to My apartment in Tokyo for a week before flying out to Ireland and another race next week in Killarney.

My running in Tokyo:

MONDAY: After the Half Marathon on Sunday I came to Japan arriving mid evening. Only a short jog on arrival. Put this down as a recovery day.

TUESDAY:Temperature was 28 degrees and humidity 70%. I did not handle the heat well and ran for slightly less than one hour. It was really not that hot but after 55 minutes I found it hard to see with the sweat in my eyes. Weight 66.2 Kgm. Not good.

WEDNESDAY: Track Training with my Tokyo Club.HEAVY rain…..ran a few soggy laps with friends.

THURSDAY :Ran for just under 70 minutes in hot humid conditions. Found this very hard.
Weight 65.1 Kgm. Better.

FRIDAY: Ran an easy 2km with Tamami who has sore leg. Hot conditions.

SATURDAY: Hard effort….pushed …just under 5 Km. Again hot. Took a while to recover.

SUNDAY: nice social run with NAMBAN team mates. Easy pace. 81 minutes.Pretty hot conditions.

Today is Monday…I fly to Dublin Ireland.image


One thought on “Short break in Japan

  1. TartanJogger

    I hope you’re having a ball in Dublin, and ready to watch the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony- it’s come around so, so fast!

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