Hot run in Tokyo streets…it begins!


imageRan in the streets of Tokyo for the first time since I left for England ,Scotland and Ireland and raced the Killarney Half Marathon.

I ran the same route that I ran on July 8 th.That being from my Tokyo apartment through one of the secret forests in Shinagawa ( known to very few ).

Even though I ran for slightly less than one hour I found it reasonably hard. My touring around Scotland has taken a lot out of me. The temperature was 30 degrees ( PC said it felt like 35).

My time was 17 seconds slower than my July run ( all those Fish n chip meals!!). It was 28 degrees in July and humidity was 62% whilst yesterday the humidity was 70%.

My weight has ballooned from 66.2 Kgm when I left to Japan to 66.9kgm yesterday. Something I will really work at from now on.

Decided to do 500 stomach crunches a day plus 100 push ups. However did not do that well yesterday with 300 crunches and 85 push ups.

Certainly it will not be easy. The Battle begins.


All replies welcome.

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