Race Report:Half Marathon in Ireland


On July 19 th I travelled to Ireland ( from Australia via Japan and England)and ran the Killarney Half Marathon.

I found  the race hard and ran a fairly slow time of 1.42 plus change.

I did win my age group and finished in 150 th position out of a field of slightly less than 1000 runners.

We were bussed to the start which was covered in cloud. With less than 1000 runners it was not too difficult to get going.

The first two miles or so were up hill but not really that steep. All distances were in miles but I could do the calculations with out too much trouble.

I knew after two or three miles there was a long down hill stretch.In fact the down hill went till about 7 miles. I have never run down hill for that long. I ran with the 1.40 group for a while and moved slightly ahead of them. Looking back I should have gone a lot harder on the down hills.

I was ok till about 8 miles which was about a mile into rolling hills. I found the up hills hard and started to feel tired. By 10 miles I was struggling and the 1.40 ship had well and truly sailed.

After 11 miles I just wanted to finish however I started to pass a few people and targeted every old looking person on the basis that they may be my opposition in my age group.

Last two miles were along some country lane which was none too wide and runners had to share with horse drawn carriages coming the other way !!

I finished ok I suppose. The hills were really too much for me and in the race seemed never ending.

I beat the rain but ran back for two Kms or so to meet Tamami and run in with her. She finished in very heavy rain so we both got soaked.

I hope to do better next time. However I did win my age group and wins are far between for me these days. ( in the Gold Coast Half two weeks before I came 17 th out of 140 runners in my age group!)


2 thoughts on “Race Report:Half Marathon in Ireland

  1. Sounds like a challenging race with the hills, but congrats on winning for your age group!!! That is such an accomplishment! It is really great that you got to travel to do this half as well. =)

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