Running in the Heat



It was 28 degrees ( feels like 32) with 70% humidity when I set off to run today. Old style that’s 91 degrees. True that is not super hot. But when you have been stomping around the wind swept mountains of Ireland and Scotland for a month,it feels hot enough.

Did not feel that well during the day. Still have a persistent cough which I can’t shake. These factors plus my lack of Will power caused me to cut my run today down to 5 Km. I did decide to run it fairly fast and accordingly wore my racing shoes. With about a Km to go I saw about 100m ahead of me a tall young guy. With a lot of effort I managed to get past him. Of course he could have been on a 20 Km run unlike me who was just limping around the canals near my Tokyo apartment.

I did not weigh myself as I know I am carrying a spare tire around my gut. I am doing my crunches ( and push ups) every day but it’s the running that will give some of my flab the boot.

8 weeks till the Melbourne Marathon…..hopefully I will be in far better shape than I am today.

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