Early Morning Runner


Well one thing I am NOT is an early morning runner. I get up at whatever time is required for races but that’s it.

However here in Tokyo it gets very light very early….also very hot. So I jumped ( crawled) out of bed at 5.15 this morning and ate my energy breakfast ( See Pic) at 5.15. I managed to push out 85 push ups which is a lot for me and then about 7 AM decided to go for a run. Many people run at this time or even earlier( I have been told) but I am certainly not one of them. Although today I was.  No wonder people call me ‘ Early Bird Jon’ !!

Ran the canals around my Tokyo home. Only 5 Km it is true but I again wore my light weight red racing shoes. Finished the last Km hard ( Mo watch out!). Temp was 28 but felt like 33. Humidity was 74%.

Weight is still 66.9 Kgm ( that’s a tad over 147 pounds ). I want to race the Melbourne Marathon at sub 65 Kgm. But then I want a lot of things. We will see.

Tonight I go to Surfers Paradise in Australia. Depending how I feel after the over night flight I will try for a slightly longer run tomorrow and maybe a bit more on Wednesday.

EIGHT weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.


All replies welcome.

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