Importance of Resting


Took the over night flight from Tokyo to Surfers Paradise in Australia. As I did not sleep much and still have a bit of a cold I thought it would be a wise idea to put my feet up,relax and have a well earned rest.

Certainly felt heavy and tired when I hit the road just a few hours after I hit the airport tarmac.Also felt a little sick. But the road was flat ( unlike Ireland),the weather was not hot and humid ( like Tokyo ) and it was not raining ( like in Scotland). So there was not too much to complain of.

What I did not realize that it gets dark early here. I kind of thought it would be more like Japan where you can run well into the evening in the sun. After about 30 minutes it was dark. Bit of a shock so I turned and ran home.

As I was plodding for home in the gloom out of the darkness came Tamami. She U turned and we ran the last three Km home together. Nice.

Not look until the Melbourne Marathon.

All replies welcome.

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