Medium Long Run


Part of Marathon Training is incorporating a Medium long run into the weekly training schedule. In my opinion this is a run between 20 and 26 Km.

I am currently in Surfers Paradise in Australia. The weather is mild at 20 degrees.

As I still have a bit of a cold and am tired from much traveling I decided to do A run today which I call. ‘ The White Rock Run’. This is a run whereby I run from my apartment to a rock painted white and then run back. 

Total run was 17 Km. Over all pace was very slow. 5.35 minutes per Km.

I felt a bit ill at the start but once I got to the White Rock I was feeling ok (ish). However I had not noticed the wind behind me on the way out. Running back into a strong head wind was very hard.

Not a super long run but at least I got out and turned my legs over. Longest run since my race in Ireland.

Melbourne Marathon coming up.image


All replies welcome.

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