Weight loss to aid running.



Before I left for a six week tour of Japan,Ireland,England and Scotland I weighed in at 66.2 Kgm…that’s about 145 pounds the ancient way….when I returned I had gained and was 66.9 Kgm…147 pounds…..NOT good.

I am running the Melbourne Marathon October 12 th. I would like to go into that at 65 kilos or better….143 pounds.

Now I am back in Melbourne I can eat far better. No more Fish n Chip meals of Ireland or yummy sweats of Tokyo.

I think I have really gained weight around my stomach. I know you can not spot reduce but I have set myself a target of 500 stomach crunches a day. But talk is cheap. Just do it !

Thursday I ran short up at Surfers Paradise before flying to Melbourne. This afternoon I will go for an easy run and tomorrow try for something longer.


All replies welcome.

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