Birthday Run….it’s all training.



Today is Tamami’s birthday so we celebrated in the best way possible. A long hard run. Actually it was not really that long as we ran for one minute for every year of Tamami’s age. That meant that the total run was only xxxxxxxx minutes.
It was a pity in a way that it rained heavily the whole time but a little rain never hurt anyone.

With 7 weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon my weight stands at 66.7 Kgm. That’s about 146.7 pounds old fashioned.
Aim is to go into the race at or under 65 Kgm. ( 143 pounds).
Not as really bad as it sounds as I went out for dinner last night and also for a fancy dan roast lunch at the Golf Club today. So I can expect to be a little on the porky side.

Legs felt a little tired today after the 20 Km yesterday. But not really too bad.

All replies welcome.

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