Marathon Training.



I am planning to do a Tempo Run on Tuesdays. But Tamami is coming back from injury and wanted to run 27 Km today. As I have just been back in Melbourne for a few days I decided that instead of a Tempo Run I would run the middle 9 Km with Tamami. Leave the faster running till next week. A reasonable move on my part I think.

Tamami ran 9 Km and then I joined her for another 9 Km. Pace was very slow and we averaged 5.58 per Km. But I don’t think the pace matters that much at this stage. After I had run 9 and Tamami 18 Km I stopped and she went on for the final 9 Km.

I think for tomorrow I will try a medium long run. Not really sure how that will pan out. But I will give it a go.

100 push ups today and 400 stomach crunches. My gym membership deactivates on Monday so I will make a big effort to put a couple of gym sessions in each week.

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training.

  1. Haha….yes….I understand. I ran a half marathon in Ireland last month. I got to the 9 mile mark and had to calculate how many Kms to go. I will put distances in Miles as well from now on. Today I am running 18 Kms….I will get a calculator. 🙂

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