Marathon Plan: Medium Long Run



My Marathon Training plan calls for a medium long run mid week. I am thinking 20-24 Km.( 12-14 miles). However I am lazy and really just getting back into it ( and overcoming a bad cold)so I ran only 18 Km.

I ran with a friend,Peter, who is also planning to run the Melbourne Marathon next month. He finished 4 th for the Masters in our age group so he is a reasonable runner. ( oh I finished 3rd if you are wondering πŸ™‚ ).

Running with Peter made it far easier than just plodding around the streets by myself.

As I said we only ran 18 Km. Two laps of my 9 Km course. Not a particularly hard course although there are a few turns and a few hills ( and even some grass).

Certainly a reality check in the extreme for me. I did not find it very hard nor was the pace much at all. But when the Garmin results were examined we had run at 5.46 pace. 😦

How did I get so slow? It certainly felt a lot faster than that snails crawl.

There is a lot of work I need to do.

This morning did a photo shoot for the local newspaper so no time for exercises. So far only one set of 30 push ups.


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