Marathon Training: A harder run



After a fairly average 18 Km with Peter at 5.46 pace yesterday I was beginning to think that running at a pace other than that of a sick snail was beyond me!

Yesterday I wore my super fast light weight racing shoes. Unfortunately the feet in them were far from super fast. What made it worse was that the run did not really seem that slow.

Today it is one week since I arrived home. Overweight and grossly unfit.

Anyway I pushed myself today today and although the average time was really not that flash for me on that course with it’s many turns and a few hills and dips and bridges,I was pleased with the over all result.

My average time was 5.08 minutes per Km over 9 Km. ( That’s a bit over 8 minute pace for almost 6 miles ). I really pushed the last Km and ran that in 4.08. Not super fast by anyone’s standards but for me ok.

Did my 100 push ups and 350 stomach crunches.

Getting there. No more negative thoughts about how slow I am.


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