Melbourne Marathon 30 years ago.


imageIn 1984 I ran the the Melbourne Marathon. I was still quite slow but my time was coming down.

It is 6 weeks until the 2014 Melbourne Marathon. I still have all my running diaries. I checked what training I did 6 weeks before my 1984 Melbourne Marathon.  Here is what I did that week in 1984 and some of the comment I wrote.

Monday: 12 Km Finished Hard.

Tuesday: 8 Km Easy

Wednesday: 20 Km.Faster than last time.

Thursday: 7 Km easy but strong finish

Friday:  12km.Right knee very sore

Saturday: 9km

Sunday: 28 Km in the rain.

Not sure if this tells me anything much.But sort of interesting.

Yesterday I ran an easy 6 Km. Felt a bit ill at the start but ran ok.

50 push ups and 200 crunches. Gotta do more.


All replies welcome.

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