Long Run. Always needed for Marathon


imageDid not feel that flash this morning. But it was Sunday and the day for a long run. If I want to run this up coming Melbourne Marathon with any sort of style I have to do my weekly long runs no matter how sick I feel. Calf was still sore so I put on my compression sox.

I was running with Julz who has been going pretty well with her running as of late. Running from my place we decided to run 3 x 8.5 Km laps.  Laps in my mind are not that exciting and are often mentally tiring.

We ran just over 25 Km in Julz’s Marathon pace. A good effort on her part. I did not find it all that hard despite feeling ill but 25km is still a decent distance. Plus it was the longest I had run since racing in Ireland mid July.

I ran in my new shoes which by the end were very uncomfortable. I was thinking of using these in the Marathon but with now use another pair.

The run today was very good for me. Six weeks till the Melbourne Marathon. I still have time to get back in to some sort of running shape.

I am only checking my weight once a week these days. Last Sunday 66.7 Kgm. This week 64.3 Kgm so that was a plus.

I have pretty much just come back from traveling the world a week ago so am just getting back into the swing of things. 74 Km this week. That’s a bit less than 50 miles I think(?).

Next week I will try and work harder.


All replies welcome.

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