Melbourne Maratho


imageFirst day of the week/month/Spring. In Melbourne it means heavy rain.

Having run 25 Km on Sunday and still having a bit of a cold I decided to take it easy on Monday.

My suspended Gym membership has now reactivated so I put in an hour pushing weights and doing ab exercises. I am not sure if the pushing iron really helps my running that much but I consider my over all condition will be better if I get into the gym two or three times a week. Further my stomach can use all the help it can get.

It had actually stopped raining when I dragged myself out the door. That did not last long as it started raining heavily after a couple of Kms. Legs feeling a bit heavy from Sunday I only ran 6 Km. It was a rest day after all.

Melbourne Marathon is just around the corner. Can’t afford to have too many more slack days.


All replies welcome.

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