The Marathon is a long run.


imageWhat is so hard for me these days in relation to running the Marathon is that it takes so so long to do. It was not so bad way back when. In the good old days I could just run for 2 hours or so and then make a long push for the finish and with a bit of luck would be staggering across the finish line 50 or so minutes later.

Nowadays I just plug along for hour after hour until I finally manage to finish. I would like to think I can do a bit better than last year’s Melbourne Marathon but I am not sure I can. The trip around the world recently tired me and I have an endless cold. Not to mention a sore quad….but I don’t mention that.

There was no rain today…well actually there was quite a lot in the morning but I did not run till the afternoon. No puddles or streams running across the road. It was 12 degrees but the wind chill factor made it a bit colder. Not too bad running conditions. Wind was an issue but really so what?

I ran my old ‘short’ High street run. In that run  I run to High street and run back home. It’s about 5.7 Km so it’s really nothing much. I tried to run it hard…well hard for me….and did it in 27.35. I have only broken 27 once before so today was an ok run. Certainly ok for this course which has a few twists and turns and a couple of smallish hills. I think if I started a bit faster I could do a tad better.

50 push ups and 150 stomach crunches. Must do more.

Melbourne Marathon is waiting.

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