Semi Long Run for Marathon Training.


imageRunning for 24 Km certainly does not sound like much. But when you are plonking around the suburban streets alone on a cold windy Melbourne Spring morn it seems like a bit of an effort. Especially if it takes you over 2 hours ( 2-06.41). Actually looking at my time I note that some folk run a Marathon faster than what I did 24 Km in this morning.

Today I ran out to Holmesglen Garden Centre ( I call this my Holmesglen Run) which is about 10.5 Km from home. Often I just do a U turn and run home. But today I decided to run home via the subra ban streets which would be longer and have a lot more hills. Disadvantage being the were a few traffic lights which got in the way.

I  found the first half a bit of a grind but seemed to get into the swing of things after about an hour or so. I finished strongly…or what I thought was strong. Did not really feel that bad when I finished but was certainly glad to get home. Running even for only two hours alone is pretty boring I am finding.

I tried to push the hills a bit. Not sure how fast  I was really going. Maybe it was mostly in my mind and I was just trudging up them.

Today was my mid week medium long run. OK I suppose but I sure have a long way to go to run the 42.2 Km.


All replies welcome.

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