Marathon Training: Back-to-Back runs.


imageThe plan for yesterday and today was to run a reasonable length run on both days. The idea being to keep running whilst legs were tired. Further to increase the pace later in the second run when fatigue had set in.

I don’t have a great deal of stamina so my runs are not really that long. Although for mid week runs they are probably ok.

Yesterday I ran 24 Km in 2-06 ( that’s 15 miles) over quite a hilly course. Today I ran about 18 Km ( 11 + miles). It took me 1-32.36. Slow I know, but there were a few hills to run up and bridges to cross. ( I have lots of excuses).

No roads to cross…I went over or under….so no stopping. So that was at least one positive.

I got to half way in 47.15 and did the second half in 45.21. With 4 Km to go I really tried to increase the pace. ( From very slow to just slow perhaps). No Garmin so not sure if I was really going faster than a plod.

Not a bad session. Will it help me? Not sure. I still have to work on my will power to keep going and not give up.

100 push ups today and 400 stomach crunches….so at least I got those done.


All replies welcome.

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