Marathon Training : Time to pump some Iron.


imageAfter my back to back runs of 24 Km and 18 Km I really did not feel too bad. But I thought the wise thing to do rather than go for another run would be have a rest. Accordingly I went to the gym and worked out for a bit over an hour.

At the gym I work on my upper body both with free weights and machines. After each exercise ( something like 20 curls by 3 with 10 kilo dumbells) I will do an ab exercise such as 100 stomach crunches on the exercise ball. And then back to the weights. I don’t use heavy weights mainly because I lack any power.Also I think lighter weights more times will help me more.

In the afternoon I ran 3 Km. Beautiful weather for running but I kept it short. Ankles a little sore but nothing of note.

I think the idea of back to back runs was a good one. I will try this again next week.

Half Marathon race coming up on Sunday. Should be fun.


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