HALF marathon Race Report


imageThis morning I ran  as a Pacer for Julz at the State Half Marathon Championship. Her previous PB was 1-54 something. Today she ran 1-50.26. We measured the course at somewhere between 21.3 and 21.45 Km. So it was a very good run on her part.

I was also pleased with the run myself. I did not find it particularly hard. I can run a lot faster. BUT it is one thing to do it for 21 Km and another to do it for 42.2 Km !

This was a reasonable week. I did not cover much distance running just on 80 Kms. But I am not really wanting to run too far at this stage. My aim is to just get out and run. Then I want to work towards some longer runs building up to 35 Kms. But above all my aim is not get injured. Today I had pain in my calves but wore compression sons which seemed to help.

Five weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.






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