Marathon Training: Recovery Day.


imageAlthough it was not a hard race yesterday it was still 21.1 Km at 5.11 pace which is a steady run for me these days. With only 5 weeks till the Melbourne Marathon I need to be careful with my training. Not do too much.

So today was pretty much a rest and recovery day.

In the morning I went to the Gym and did 60 minutes of upper body work and ab work. I am trying to do  more sets each exercise with the weights and more reps for the stomach exercise. A good session today I think even though I still find the gym mind numbing. I am using a 10 kilo dumbell in each hand…it’s all I can manage. 😦

Very windy in old Melbourne Town this afternoon. I ran about 8 Km in 45.45. My legs felt a bit heavy and the total run felt more than 8 Km.I struggled up the hills when I tried to run them faster.

But at least I turned my legs over and did not stress myself too much. However after the run I was surprised at how wrecked I looked ( see photo).The wind really knocked me about. But it’s all training so it does not matter too much.



All replies welcome.

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