Marathon Training: Getting in some Kms


imageWith less than 5 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon I am trying to get a few extra Kms into my legs.

Today it was wet….really wet. But a spot or two of rain is no excuse for slacking off.

It was raining quite heavily when I left the house and ran the less than 4 Kms over to friend Stuart’s place. He picked our running route which turned out to be up and up a gravel path. A path which was turning into a stream !

I ran at a steady enough pace with Stuart for about 80 minutes and then left him at his place and ran home. Fortunately by then the raining had stopped.

I did not measure but would say about 18 Km. I think the more distance I can get into my legs at this stage the better.

It was a decent run…no great pain but got a bit hungry near the end.

105 push ups and 200 crunches today.

Weight 65.8 Kilo ( Not too bad but would like to be a bit lighter).



All replies welcome.

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