Marathon Training: Mental application


imageI have heard it said that running a Marathon is 80% mental and 20% physical.  I do not agree but think it is rather the other way around. 80% physical 20% mental.

Still I think you still require a bit of mental training to run a Marathon.

I am often struggling both mentally and physically. To help the mental aspect of my running( which I suspect is quite weak) I am trying to put myself into a position where I want to go slower or even give up.

Yesterday( Tuesday) was neither a fast or long run. But it was still 18 Km up hills in heavy rain. Plus I had run a Half Marathon race on Sunday and had a solid gym session and a steady 8 Km run on the Monday. So today my aim was to run 20 Km in the morning ( I ran in the early evening the day before) and run the second 10 Km faster than the first.

Running 20 Km may not sound like much but it was over a reasonably hard course early in the morning. No rain though. That made it a little easier. My legs felt a bit heavy from the start .I ran alone which always for me makes it a bit harder. But hard is what I was looking for.

The course I ran has no roads to cross so it was a non stop run. I took no drink or gels.

I ran the first 10 Km in 54.11 which I know is slow but it was training after all. Once I got to 10 Km I did a U turn and ran home. I tried to lift the pace and did the second ten Km in 53.30. So it was a little faster on the return journey.

It was a good exercise…..I probably could have made it harder and run 30 Km. But I have now run 68 Km in the last 4 days. Not fantastic I know but for me quite a lot.

The main benefit of today’s run ( apart from running 20 Km) was that I did not give up just because I felt bad and my legs hurt. Still a way to go,but it is a start.

50 push ups today and 200 stomach crunches.

Weight is now 64.8 kilos. Not slim but getting there.


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