Marathon Training:The Long Run


imageThe Backbone of the Marathon is the Long Run.My plan tomorrow is to run 30 Km. I will run alone and run 15 Km out and 15 Km back. I want to be running the last few Kms and not just limping home at 6 minute per Km pace. Whether I can do this…? Time will tell.

My plan is to take a gel at 10 Km and also at 20 Km. I will also wear my light weight racing shoes. I am trying to duplicate Marathon day to some extent.

After a reasonably heavy week ( for me) I went to the Gym again on Thursday. Boring. I did my normal hour alternating between ab exercises and upper body work. I think I worked hard.

I then drove down to our beach house in Anglesea. 130 Km. Arriving quite late I just had time for an easy 3 Km.

Yesterday I ran some mountains. Run was only 8 Km and pace was 5.49 minutes per Km. Short and slow I know but I was quite pleased. Hills were hard but I did not give up. Last Km was on the flat which I ran in 5.02.

This afternoon I drove back to Melbourne. 130 Km. I am not used to driving any further than the gym. Managed to stagger around for a slow 3 Km. Legs heavy.

Tomorrow it is 4 weeks exactly until the Melbourne Marathon.




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