Marathon Training: Point of Long Run


imageA few days ago I ran 10 Km in one direction and then turned around and ran another 10 Km home for a total of 20 Km. Nothing really flash but I ran the second 10 Km faster than the first.

Today my aim was to do the same but over 30 Kms. 15 Kms out and U turn and run 15 Km home. Second 15 Km to be faster than the first 15 Km. I wanted to be able to increase the pace when I am feeling tired.

I wore my Garmin but did not look at the pace until well into the run. Maybe I should have looked as my first Kms were pretty slow…5.42/5.52( over a steep bridge)/5.33/5.44/5.38.

I thought I was going ok but apparently not.

I also got the distance a little wrong and the turn came at slightly less than 14 rather than 15 Km. Meaning the track I was running along stopped. At that stage I was running along a very rough and very narrow track. My Km pace along here was 5.55. ( Not good).

After the turn when I took a Gel I picked it up a bit. Pace was 5.12/5.18/5.19/5.23/5.29.

I took another Gel at 21 Km . I was running ok although pretty slow.

Finished ok….last 5km….5.28/5.40/5.32 ( bridge)/5.20/4.43.

I was pleased with the 28 th Km 4.43

Average pace 5.32. Distance 28 Km.

Pace was slow I know compared to last week Half Marathon in 5.11 min per Km. But I think training is always a bit slower than a race. Happy that second half a lot faster than first half.

Weight 65.0 Kgm. Had a couple of big meals out over the week end. But this is my Goal Weight so no big deal.

Four weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.


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